3i expands investment in GIF


  • International investor expands investment in GIF

Gesellschaft für Industrieforschung mbH (GIF) has announced that international investor 3i Group plc (3i) is increasing its investment in the company by acquiring the stake owned by the family of Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Rohs. 3i and the family of Dr. Ulrich Rohs, which held a minority stake in GIF, signed an agreement to conclude the transaction. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Part of the agreement stipulates that Dr. Rohs will receive the rights to the GIF name following a transition period. In this regard, GIF will soon begin the process of establishing a new brand identity to reflect the successful further development of the company.

“In taking this step, I am handing over a well positioned company to 3i, a shareholder that is focused on growth and internationalisation. By pursuing this strategy, and with its strong capital base, 3i is expected to positively support GIF’s future development. This also applies to the employees, who I have always cared deeply about. I am now excited to devote my full attention to my other business activities,” Dr. Rohs says.

“We would like to thank Dr. Rohs for his dedication. Without his efforts on behalf of GIF, the company would not be where it is today,” says Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Krause, CEO of GIF. “As one of GIF’s co-founders and most recently as a member of the advisory board, Dr. Rohs has played a pivotal role in the outstanding development of the company. Our aim is to continue rigorously expanding GIF’s leading position as a global specialist in tests and services for transmissions, hybrid powertrains and brakes for the automotive industry. With 3i, we have a strong partner on our side for making further investments.”